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Great Migration Challenge Kit








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Food for the Brood Kit

Educator Resource Kits  

Quick Links:

Growing Up WILD Kits
Flying WILD Kits

Growing Up WILD and Flying WILD kits terms of use:

• Kits are available to trained Growing Up WILD educators or facilitators only
• Kits can be borrowed for a maximum of two weeks at a time
• More than one kit may be borrowed at the same time
• You are responsible for timely pickup and return
• If more than one educator uses the kit(s) at one site, the teacher that signed the kit(s) out is responsible for the condition and return of the kit(s)
• If an item is missing and/or damaged upon pickup please verify this with the Ward Museum’s Education Department before Kit leaves the Museum
• You are responsible for replacing lost or broken materials

All educators who borrow a kit must complete, sign and bring in a Contract provided by the Ward Museum's Education Department to ensure all educators understand the terms of use.

Please contact the Ward Museum’s Education Department to check out kits. Call 410-742-4988 or email wardeducation@salisbury.edu for more information.

Growing Up WILD Kits

The Ward Museum now offers 9 Growing Up WILD educator kits, each filled with materials that support a few chosen activities out of the Growing Up WILD curriculum guides. Use of the kits is Free of charge! The kits are available for two weeks at a time and can only be checked out to trained Growing Up WILD educators or facilitators.   

Please read the Terms of Use at the top of this page for the Contract and other details about borrowing these wonderful toolkits. 

The Growing Up WILD kits include:

  • A copy of the Growing Up WILD curriculum guide
  • Approximately six age appropriate books that highlight the lessons theme
  • Materials needed to perform some activities chosen from the lessons
  • Binders with all copy and take-home pages as well as other resources
  • Wild Wonderful Word flash cards

Here is a sneak peak at what materials are in the kits. For a full list of kit materials just click the name of lesson. 

Kit #1: Spider Web Wonders

Objective: Children learn about spiders and spider webs.

Kit Materials Include:

Spider Replicas
Spider Finger Puppet
Bug Replicas (show spider prey)
Bug Boxes
Magnifying glasses
Craft Materials for making spiders and spider webs

Kit #2: Looking At Leaves

Objective: Children practice their observation skills by comparing leaves.

Kit Materials Include:

Tote Bag
Magnifying glasses
Big Magnifying Tri-Lenses
Leaf Rubbing Plates
Leaf and Seed Displays
Craft materials to make leaf rubbings

Kit #3: The Deep Blue Sea

Objective: Children develop an awareness of oceans and ocean life.

Kit Materials Include:

Shell Collection & Star Fish
Sea Otter Puppet
Ocean Game Cards
Inflatable Globe
Craft materials to paint and make sea life art

Kit #4: Who Lives In A Tree

Objective: Children develop an awareness of trees and some of the animals that call them “home”.

Kit Materials Include:

Felt Tree & Pieces
Magnifying glasses
Tree Animal Puppets
Tree Animal Figurines
Tree Blocks
Craft Materials for building nests

Kit #5: Fishing Fun!

Objective: Children engage in a fishing game and learn about fish.

Kit Materials Include:

Fishing Pole
Fish with Magnets
Tackle Box
Fish for Printing
Craft materials to fish print

Kit #6: Tracks!

Objective: Children explore animal tracks and make and compare tracks of their own.

Kit Materials Include:

Track Plates
Track Stamps & Pads
Animal Puppets
Animal Figurines
Craft materials to make tracks

Kit #7: Grow As We Go

Objective: Children explore the life cycles of familiar wildlife and understand that living things grow and change.

Kit Materials Include:

Inflatable Frog Life Stages
Butterfly Life Stages Figurines
Hole Puncher
Craft materials to make butterfly chrysalis and butterflies

Kit #8: Bird Beak Buffet

Objective: Children learn about the special functions of bird beaks.

Kit Materials Include:

Replicas of Bird Skulls
Parrot Finger Puppet
Beak Tools: Baster, pliers, craft sticks, tongs
Bird Model Food: Glass Jar (humming bird), Styrofoam Piece (Fish), Rubber Worms, Beads
Craft materials to create your own bird

Kit #9: Owl Pellets

Objective: Children dissect owl pellets and learn what owls eat.

Kit Materials Include:

Owl Pellets
Animal Tubes
Bone and Pellet Display
Owl Head Replica
Owl Puppet
Craft materials to build owls

Flying WILD Kits:

The Ward Museum now offers 6 Flying WILD Educator Kits, each filled with material that supports an activity from the Flying WILD guide. The kits are available for two weeks at a time to trained Flying WILD educators for no cost.

After borrowing a Flying WILD Educator Kit we ask that you fill out our evaluation survey so we can better accomodate your needs.

The Flying WILD kits include:

• ALL materials needed to perform a Flying WILD activity
• Directions for each activity
• Flying WILD Student Pages on a CD
• A wheelbase plastic container for easy transport
• Copy of Bird Sleuth Game Cards

Kit #1:Bird Behavior Scavenger Hunt

Objective: Students will learn to identify different behavior patterns of birds and explain their function.

Kit Materials Include:
Observing Birds in the Wild worksheet copies
Field Guides & Beginner Field Guides including one in Spanish

Kit #2: Adaptation Artistry

Objective: Students will be able to identify and describe the advantages of bird adaptations and discuss the importance of adaptations to birds.

Kit Materials Include:

Build-A-Bird and Adaptation Chart worksheet copies
Drawing supplies
Painting supplies
Clay sculpture
Paper mache supplies
Construction paper and glue
Pipe cleaners, feathers
Birds: Nature’s Magnificent Flying Machines by: Caroline Arnold

• Kit #3: The Great Migration Challenge

Objective: Students and/or festival participants will define migration and summarize factors affecting migration for many bird species.

Kit Materials Include:

Migration activity results chart
Laminated activity cards
Large dice
Scissors/ hole puncher
How Do Birds Find Their Way? by Roma Gans

• Kit #4:Fill the Bill

Objective: Students and/or festival participants will discover that bird beaks are adapted for specific types of food; describe how adaptations work; and give two examples.

Kit Materials Include:

Fill the Bill worksheets
Eyedroppers, chopsticks and nutcrackers
Large slotted spoons and saucepan
Strainer and small fishnets
Tweezers and tongs
Small log
Containers and a tall, narrow vase
Fake worms
Dried macaroni and rice
BEAKS! by Sneed B. Collard
Bird Skull Replicas

• Kit #5: Bird Olympics

Objective: Students and/or festival participants will describe the physical attributes of birds that help them fly, find food, and migrate long distances.

Kit Materials Include:

Laminated station pages and 20-yard dash conversion chart
Clipboards, paper and pencils
Tape measures
Stopwatch for multiple leaders
Orange stake flags
Film canisters containing scented items

• Kit #6: Food for the Brood

Obective: This relay race gets participants up and running as they gain an appreciation for the parent’s seemingly impossible task of satisfying the appetites of their impatient nestlings.

Kit Materials Include: 
Flamingo straws
Plastic cups
Fake worms
A Nest Full of Eggs by Priscilla Belz Jenkins
An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Aston & Sylvia Long
Egg Replicas