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Greg Woodard 

Greg Woodard was born in Prescott, Arizona in 1958. He loved being outside and some of his most prized possessions as a child were the bird books that he received for Christmas. Woodard became interested in carving when he was on a family vacation to Jackson, Wyoming and he saw the bird carvings in galleries and gift shops and wondered if the people who carved could make a living and at once knew that that would be a good job for him.

After high school Woodard worked with this father in a cabinet shop but carved decoys on the side. His first decoys were not very good and were inaccurate but he grew and believes today that proper referencing and a thorough knowledge of the subject through skin studies, measurements and observations of birds is required to make a good carving. It was also important to understand the habitat, behaviors and characteristics of the bird. In 1985 he entered his first festival in Sacramento, California , under the guidance of champion carver Lance Turner, and took home the best in show in the novice class as well as a new relationship with San Francisco Gallery Owner, Art Bond.

Since then he has been competing in the open class category and has taken home many awards including five Best In Show ribbons from the Ward Competition. In 1992 he also was awarded the Ward World “Best in the World” for an interpretive carving.

Woodard is mostly self –taught. He is a master falconer and raptor breeder and recently he has started working in bronze sculpture and painting it for effect.