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J. Eugene Hendrickson (1899 - 1971) Northfield, New Jersey

Gene Hendrickson is remembered as one of Northfield's most notable watermen. He created decoys and hunting boats ("sneak boxes") of exceptional quality. His decoys were carved from local white cedar. The bodies are hollow, tails are long ending in a point. Heads have detailed carved bills. He often branded his birds on the bottom with the initials, "J.E.H."

Hendrickson carved from patterns shared with Mark Kern (1888 - 1972) another well known Northfield carver. He provided ballast by pouring hot lead into an inlet he cut into the bottom of the decoy in the manner of Harry V. Shourds (1871 - 1920), a regional carver of note. Hendrickson's later decoys are somewhat larger that life-size. He is credited with having carved some very fine Canada geese, brant, canvas back, broadbill, red head, merganser, black duck, mallard and pintail decoys.


For additional information

Decoys of the Atlantic Flyway, 1974 by George R. Starr.

Decoys of the Mid-Atlantic Region, 1979 by Henry A. Fleckenstein.

New Jersey Decoys, 1983 by Henry A. Fleckenstein.

Working Decoys of the Jersey Coast and Delaware Valley, 1985 by Kenneth L. Gosner.