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Artists Archive

Explore hundreds of biographies of artists presented in the Ward Museum gallery and collections. The biographical information for artists on our website is for educational purposes only. The collection of bios is a work in progress. Since posting them to the web, we have welcomed comments, suggestions, and corrections from readers. If you have information to share or corrections to make, please use our “Contact Us” feedback form. Also, please let us know the source of your information so that we can verify and update the bios as needed.

The following link is to a list of carvers who have had their artwork displayed at the Ward Museum in the past or has a piece(s) in the museum’s permanent collection, but whom the staff has found little or no information about. In our ongoing effort to improve the quality of our artist archive, we welcome the submission of biographical information, such as locations of residence, important dates, occupation, carving style, influences, or any other personal details, on any of these carvers from family, friends, or anyone else with useful information to share. In addition to personal details, the identification of any source that contains information on any of these carvers is also appreciated.

Check out our list of artists needing biographical information.

The Artists Archive is updated regularly.  Check back periodically for updates and additions.

Allen, Fred A.

Anger, Ken

Armstrong Featherweight Decoy Company

Bach, Ferdinand

Baker, John H.

Baldwin, John Lee

Barber, Joel

Barco, William Bailey

Barnes, Samuel Treadway

Barth, Larry

Barto, George K.

Bergman, Charles

Black, Charles

Blair, John, Jr.

Blair, John, Sr.

Blevins, George E.

Bliss, Roswell Edward

Bourg, Xavier

Boyd, George

Boyle, John H.B.

Brady, Walter

Brown, Isaiah

Brown, Dan

Brunet, Jett

Brunet, Jude

Brunet, Tan

Burdett, Paul

Burgess, Ned

Burgette, Daniel

Burkley, Charles

Burr, Russ

Cameron, Glen J.

Campo, Domingo

Carmadelle, Marc Alcide

Carroll, Oscar

Chambers, Thomas

Christie Brothers

Christie, Tom

Clark, Charles

Chessman, Verne

Cobb Jr., Nathan

Combs, Frank E.

Cornicelli, Tom

Crawford, William J.

Cree Indians

Crowell, Elmer

Currier, James Alexander

Dafoe, Arthur

Daisey, Delbert "Cigar"

Daisey, Rosalyn Leach

Davis, Ben

Dawson, Walter H.

Dean, Habbart

deGavre, General Chester B.

Denny, Samuel Joseph

Disbrow, Charles R.

Dodge Decoy Company

Doughty Family

Downes, John Henry

Ducharme, Duncan

Dudley, Lee

Duet, William

Dye, Ben

Dye, Lonnie

Edwards, Charles Clifton Jr.

Elliot Brothers, The

Elliston, Robert A.

English, Daniel Gleason

English, John

Enright, William T.

Fabre, Curt

Finch, Richard

Fitchett, Alma

Fitzpatrick, Thomas

Foote, James

Frady, Michael

Frederick, Jules

Fulcher, Irving Russell

Fulcher, Mitchell

Galatas, Phil

Garbaldi, Amiel

Garren, Otto

Garton, John B.

Gaskill, Thomas

Gelston, Thomas H.

Gibson, Paul

Glen, John

Gilley, Wendell H.

Goddard, Vince

Godin, Patrick

Goldstein, Jay

Graham, John B.

Grant, Henry

Graves, G. Bert

Guge, Robert

Haff, John

Hancock, Miles

Hare, Gordon

Harris, Alvin

Harris, Ken

Hart, Charles H.

Hauser, Ned John

Haymen, Joe

Haywood, Mannie

Heisler, Jess

Hendrickson, J. Eugene

Herbert, Del

Hiltz, Orran

Holly, James

Holmes, Benjamin

Holmes, Henry

Horn, John

Horner, Nathaniel

Howell, Charles

Hudson, Ira

Hutchings, Samuel

Inman Family

Isadore, Gaston

Janson, Richard Ludwig

Jester, Samuel Douglas

Jester, Dougless

Johannsen, Rick

Johnson, Lloyd

Johnston, Ralph

Joiner Jr., Charles

Kaune, Peter

Kear, Mark

Kellum, Frank

Kellie, Edward F.

Kelly, Lou P.

Kerr, Robert

Kilpatrick, Henry

King, Joseph

Knight, William Jr.

Krete, Jeff

Krete, Lucas

Ladenberger, Glenn

LeBoeuf, Orel

Lepper, Bruce

Lewis, Clarence

Lincoln, Joseph

Lucio, Jason

Madara, Clark

Maggioni, Gilbert

Mariknos, John

Marks, Adaniga

Marter, Caleb Ridgway

Martin, Randal

Martin, Russell

Mason, Andrew

Mason's Decoy Factory

Maxwell, Roy

McAnney, John

McCoy, Charles

McClellan, William

McGaw, Robert

McKoy, Grainger

McLaughlin, Lawrence

McLoughlin, John

Midgett Family

Mitchell, R. Madison

Mitchell, Pete

Morris Sr., Lambert

Muehlmatt, Ernest

Mueller, Keith

Murphy, Henry Gibbs

Murphy, Robert Joseph

Nichol, David K.

Nichol, David W.

Nock, Paul

Nottingham, Luther Lee

O'Neal, Callie

O'Neal Family

Ortley, Lester

Parker, Ellis

Paroyan, Victor

Parsons, E.T.

Pascagoula Decoy Company

Paul, Ammie

Pelzer, Walter

Pepper, William

Perdew, Charles

Pertuit, Dewey

Peterson, George

Phillips, Edward James

Pozzini, Charles L.

Pryor, Leonard E.

Quillen, Nate

Quinn, William

Ramsey, John

Rechin, Jeff

Reeves Family

Reeves, Phineas

Reeves, Richard

Reinbold, George

Rhymer, Paul

Ridgeway, Birdsall

Robert, George B.

Roussell, Reme Ange

Runyan, George D.

Salter, Elmer

Saunders Family

Sawler, John Stanley

Scheeler, John

Schmidt, Ben

Schmidt, Frank

Schoenheider Jr., Charles

Scholz, Floyd

Schroeder, Dennis

Schultz, Marc

Schultz, Marcus

Schultz, William

Schutt, H.

Schweikart, John

Scott, D. Bennett

Sharp, John

Shourds, Harry Mitchell

Shourds, Harry Van Nuckson

Simandl, David

Simchuk, Jerry

Skees, Ira

Smart, Glen

Smith, Christopher Columbus

Smoker, Rich

Southard, William

Sprague, James

Sterling, Lloyd B.

Sterling, Noah B.

Stevens, Ivy

Strey, Frank G.

Sutton, Bob

Tax, John

Thengs, Harald

Travers, Josiah Franklin

Tinkham, Spencer

Tyler, Lloyd J.

Updike, John

Urie, Jesse

Vallero, Michael

Veasey, Bill


Verity Family

Verity, Obediah

Vidacovitch, Nicole

Vizier Family

Vizier, Jimmie

Wallace, Amos

Walker, Charles B.

Ward Sr., L. Travis

Ward, Lem and Steve

Warin, George and James

Watson, David

Wells, Eugene

Welsh, Jamie

West, J.J.

Wheeler, Charles Edward

Wheeler, Chauncey

Wells, John R.

Whipple, Mark

Whittington, Hector

Wilcoxen, Richard

Williams, John

Willis, Eldon

Wilson, Augustus Aaron

Wohlt, Todd

Woodard, Greg

Wright, Alvirah

Yoder, Gary

Zaluzec, Peter