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Employee Matching Gifts

Many companies support the personal philanthrophic contributions of their employees by offering corporate matching gifts to eligible non-profits. Employers often offer a 1:1 match to nonprofits for whom their employee donate and volunteer.

If you work for one of the following companies you can double your impact to the Ward Museum. It is simple and easy, just click on your company below or contact your corporate human resources department for details on how:


 Allstate  Google
 Apple  Home Depot
 Athleta  Intermix
 Bank of America  John Hancock
 Boeing  Johnson and Johnson
 BP  JPMorgan Chase
 Banana Republic  McDonalds
 Carmax  Merck
 Caterpillar  Microsoft
 Chevron  Old Navy
 Disney  PepsiCo
 ExxonMobil  PNC
 Ford Foundation  Shell Oil
 Gap  Soros Fund Management
 General Electric  Verizon

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do matching gifts work?

Many employers offer matching grants to their employees who contribute funds and volunteer hours to nonprofits. Once the employee has made a donation to the nonprofit, the employee must contact their employer and fill out a simple form to apply for the matching fund on behalf of the nonprofit.


What is the minimum amount I have to donate in order for my employer to match my contribution?

Each company has different guidelines, but most require a minimum donation of only $25, less than the cost of a Ward Museum membership.

What if I am retired?

Some companies offer matching gifts for retired employee donations and volunteer hours. Click on your company name to find out if your contribution is eligible for matching.


I volunteer at the Ward, how do volunteer matching gifts work?

Employers who offer volunteer matching gifts assign a monetary value on the hours employees have volunteered at a nonprofit. Typically an employee must accrue a certain number of volunteer hours before they can apply for a matching gift. Click on your company name to find out if your company offers volunteer matching gifts.


My employer offers a matching gift program, but they are not listed, what do I do?

Your employer is not listed? Let us know! There are many other companies that offer such programs that may not be on our radar. We would be more than happy to add them to the roster and share this information with fellow friends of the Ward Museum. In the meantime you can contact your corporate Human Resources Department for specific details and procedures regarding matching gifts for your company.


Is my donation tax-deductible?

The Ward Museum is a non-profit organization and all donations qualify as a charitable deduction on a federal income tax return. Your donation to the Ward Museum is tax deductible, however the matched portion that is contributed by your employer is not deductible by the employee.